Walk on the countryside

We live in a small metropolitan called Helsinki, but every now and then it still feels like we were on the countryside. Our suburb was built in 1960’s, which means we have wide open spaces and quite large areas reserved for parks and public use, compared to new zoning solutions around the city. And I have to say I like it, a lot.

During our sunny day stroll around Puotila bay, we just saw for example a fox and swans – and large number of smaller birds. And all this just a kilometer or two away from the largest shopping center in Nordic countries.

We spotted young fox robbing magpie family for one of their young ones. Birds followed the fox for a kilometer as it tried to hide somewhere in the forest to eat his lunch.

Our paths intersected as the path that we walked on was the fastest way to get distance to the magpie nest.

Swans we met under Vuosaari-bridge.

Adult swans made a funny hissing sound if we got too close to their young birds who were enjoying breadcrubs thrown by a father and son duo.

At the other end of the Vuosaari bridge is the famous Puotila yacht club, which is our local small boat marina.

Though having a boat is ridiculously expensive hobby in Finland, there seemed to be not so many free spots in the marina.

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  1. David Ing sanoo:

    I haven’t been to Puotila Bay, so I had to search for it. From the map I found, it seems to be way out on the east side. I’ve only been out that direction once — I stayed with DLH’s friend Simo, once — so I get a sense that the eastern suburbs are a lot less developed than the western suburbs of Helsinki.

    You got some good shots of wildlife!


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