Helsinki samba festival and reclaim the streets on the same day

Sometimes it is really great to live in Helsinki. Though Helsinki is one of the world’s smallest metropolitans, one can say that during the summer time this city is amazing place. Yesterday was one of those great days when weather and events mix together to form great combination and stage for fun. First of all annual samba festival had it’s parade in the city center, filling streets with thousands of eager spectators and hundreds of dancers. Colour, flair and dance movements under the sun. What more could one ask for.

Took some photos of the atmosphere and uploaded them to Flickr.

At the same time few hundred meters away – right next to the modern art museum Kiasma activists cut off traffic in the city center and protested against cars and excessive consumption in reclaim the streets happening / protest. Reclaim the streets has also turned into annual event with techno music and dancing people in the heart of Helsinki. Compared to Euro mayday protests and shashing windows and other property Reclaim the streets is amazingly well produced and ’organized’ protest that shows that city centers could be meant for people, not for cars and consumers moving from consumption place A to place B.

Reclaim the streets:

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    Finns in the summer don’t seem to fit the same image as Finns in the winter. It must be all of that extra daylight.


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