Internet filtering is here, but do not worry – it is used only to block child pornography. Think of the children!

Oh I am so surprised. If you happen to get into child pornography blocking list, you can’t appeal to anyone. So put your trust in the government and the police.

There will be no appeals, there will not be any transparency, there is no need to have dialogue as decisions are final.

As Matti Nikki has already documented, censorship-lists do not work, can and will contain domains that are put on to the list wrongfully and are blocked either by accident or because of other reasons that are not within the scope the law.

From technical perspective block lists are wrong and inefficient tool and makes one wonder what was the purpose in the first place to use them at all. Block lists work only against really staticly named and public services that have a lot invested in their brand name and web address, for example online gambling sites that are advertised in TV or in magazines – but don’t really work against illegal pornography that is by definition mostly underground and on technological scale is light years ahead of politicians. There was an interesting article in wiki leaks about the technology used ( ) which should make it clear to anyone at least seemingly competent person that block lists will not and can not stop child pornography.

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