Dear ebook industry – decide on standards and get us all affordable and usable ebook readers

I’ve been watching with interest how the book industry has been going on and about the issue of ebooks. New Kindle looks promising, but based on reviews does have still a lot of room for improvement – including in price and simple features like zooming the documents.

Even though I am really, really happy with my iBook – I would still be delighted to have a light ebookreader that has an amazing batterylife and clear display that is easy – and comfortable – to read. Naturally I would expect the device to have the ecosystem of content also ready, similarly as Amazon starts to have with Kindle or what Apple has with music in iTunes. It would suck to be limited into an ugly walled garden, where you can’t read your ebooks on any other device than the reader – so I have my hopes up that you could export in the future purchased ebooks into PDF with your customer information embedded into pages or something similar. Draconian DRM is so oldschool and really does not serve customers’ needs at all. If I am on the run, I would be happy to read information from the ebook reader – but while in the office or at home, I might also want to read same books from 30″ screen on my mac. ( Note to self, buy 30″ display )

It would be great if the mechanics of the eBook reader and the ebook ecosystem could be kept separate – though in the beginning it is clear that whoever the players are, they will try to keep both parts in their own control, allowing also faster innovation and changes to specification without any negotiations with third parties. I’m ok with that in the beginning, but would sincerely hope that after the model has been proven to work and standards developed, there would be a surge of different reader applications and vibrant ecosystem for content owners and users. iTunes or could be a really good platform for content purchases – allowing users to either subscribe to content or buy individual pieces of content.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    You’re a bit ahead of the curve, because establishing standards takes time. In the meantime, the business model for e-books still needs to be worked out, and no one know how much money will or won’t be made.

    Entrepreneurism and industry standards don’t have to be at odds with each other, but e-books are really a new world.

    In the meantime, Gutenberg’s approach still reigns!


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