Stranger than fiction – fascism comes in small pieces

These days whenever I glance over news topics in Reddit or other services I have to wonder whether fiction imitates real life or the other way around.

The Shield is great tv series, but one should not want to read about it in real life.

Big brother tv-series is great fun for those without anything better to do, but to have your government put you on terrorism lists and follow and interrogate you based on your participation in protests or political movements.

Articles in The Economist about three strikes internet law in France and laws for internet filtering and monitoring can be really bad news hidden inside good intentions. As internet has become integral part of citizen collaboration and information sharing laws that are sold with intentions to stop child pornography, terrorism and piracy can be and are most likely used to oppress ideas not so popular and circumvent ideas of free speech. In similar fashion there is an ongoing discussion about limiting journalists’ source protection in Finland, and naturally there are positive comments from the Confederation of Finnish Industries supporting the idea as it could keep trade secrets of being exposed when whistle blowers would be sooner or later be named and exposed.

What kind of crazy pills people have been taking?

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