15 km run today – Asics sneakers and Nike running socks are worth every penny

As discussed previously, I invested into new running shoes – Asic Kayano Gel 15 – and have now had the opportunity to run few times with them. Few days ago I also purchased pair of new running socks – Nike professional running cushioned – and have been thoroughly impressed. Socks have very tight and comfortable fit and keep my feet dry, even though my feet might sweat a bit during a long run. No more blisters or sores in feet!

You can follow my progress in Dailymile: http://www.dailymile.com/people/huima

Today’s run was slow and short – 15 kilomertes run in 6:08 pace. Beautiful weather made me run longer than I originally had planned and to be hones it felt so good that unless I had had prior engagements, I would have run another 7 kilometers just to get the half marathon’s length. Most likely tomorrow will be a day of rest, unless Asmo decides to step up and run again during the weekend.

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