Why Pablo Francisco will never be as funny as Bill Hicks?

I just recently watched accidentally Pablo’s Bits and pieces DVD that I had already seen online few years back and instead of feeling joy and laughter I felt nausea. His enterntainment and jokes were really single serve jokes as they did not have really any effect later on – funny voices and good imitation, but no real content, emotion or insight. On the other hand I’ve been listening and watching recordings about the late Bill Hicks and never seem to get enough of his wit and humor – as his prophecies are as contemporary now as they were before. He serves really insightful and funny commentary about the modern society.

It is such a shame that I did not have opportunity to see Hicks’ performances live as even the few recorded DVDs are extremely funny, so funny that I can watch them again and again every now and then. Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor and even Eddie Murphy were dynamite when they performed stand up comedy and DVD’s like Eddie Murphy’s Raw or Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip are amazingly good comedy even today.

Pablo has a long way to get to that level.

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