Active saturday – gym, stretching and 10 kilometer walk

Today was rather active day for us, starting at noon in the gym with one hour cardio training followed with one hour deep streching and 10 kilometer fast walk in the evening.

I also bought new sneakers – Asics Kayano 15 – for this season and strarted to take them into use. Tomorrow is time for first quick runs – which I am really looking forward. Kayano’s felt immediately my shoes and seem to work well, though my socks seemed to move in the shoes and cause a blister into my heel. Hopefully this is just a minor problem now when I run these shoes in and will not bother me in the future. I already had the unpleasant experience of once buying expensive running shoes that did not fit me well in the long run. Though I have been using size 42 shoes for ages, it seems that these days 43 and half is the best fit.

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