Funny pandas and other wonders of the world.. or then again.. Why Nintendo Wii really rocks.

Nintendo Wii has been in the house now for few days and I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Machine itself works flawlessly, menus and games are xtremely well designed – and most importantly they are fun. I can’t really remember when gaming has been this much fun! Sure I have had my loves with some FPS-games and I wasted weeks of time in playing Steel Panthers campaign, but it really has been a long time since the last time I have enjoyed playing any game or games this much.

Nintendo Wii also has a nice business model that also seems to really work. Console itself is cheap, but suddenly you are spending 50 here and another there to get additional controllers, 30 or 40 euros to get LAN or wireless adapter and then games, Wii Fit balance board, classic controller and classic games from the Nintendo web-channel. And though I am investing more money to the console than I originally expected, it does not feel like Nintendo is robbing my hardly earned money. I am truly exchanging money to fun and games.

The nice part with Wii is that there are tons of games that are fun to play with friends, especially with girls. Wii Sports or whacky Raymond Raving Rabbids tv-party are guaranteed to make people jump up and down, laugh and play. What better way to start your friday evening than drinking something bubbly, relaxing and playing some well designed and funny games?

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    It’s interesting that you’re seeing the Wii as a social device. This gives a different view of cocooning, where you’re bringing friends into the home, as an alternative to socializing by going out on the town.

    This also makes me think about the ”personal” in personal computer. The Wii doesn’t pretend to be a computer in the sense that we think of one, and I guess that it can also been seen as a way of being less personal and more social.


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