Amazing pricing model for a record

For 75 000 dollars:

”$75,000 (limited edition of 1)

* -Signed CD/DVD and digital download.
* -T-shirt**
* -Come out on tour with me for a few days.
* -I write, record and market a 5 song EP about you and your life story.
* -Take home any of my drumsets (only one but you can pick which one)
* -*Take shrooms and cruise Hollywood in Danny from TOOL’s Lamborgini OR we play ”quarters” and then hop on the Ouija board for a while.
* -If you have a band, I’ll join it for a month….play shows, record a CD together, have a swim party, etc…. or none of the above. We could also just sit in yer basement and jam old Van Halen.
* OR If you don’t have a band I’ll be your personal assistant for a month (4 day work weeks….10 am to 5 pm) and then we take a limo down to Tijuana and I’ll show you how it’s done (what that means I can’t legally get into here, right this minute). If you don’t live in LA but are in the USA I will come to you and be your personal assistant/cabana boy for 2 weeks.
* -Take a Flying Trapeze lesson together in the San Fernando Valley and then Robin from NIN and his wife make us raw lasagna.


Though I don’t have spare 75 grand now.

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