Worst Movie Ever: The Ten

On the cover of this DVD was Jessica Alba and endorsement from The Onion. Surely that means the moview would not be totally sucky, right? I mean The Onion is known for having some class and Jessica Alba would not waste her time in utter crap.

But … I have to ask what people were smoking when they were doing this. From the outset the idea of the film and some of the stories is ok, but this movie fails in almost every possible way and also in some ways that I thought impossible. It is impossible to unerstand that with a cast like this:


You can end up with crap like this movie.

And how about the review in http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-ten,3357/”>The Onion? Don’t understand. Did someone from the cast blew the person who wrote it or was writing that review outsourced to someone totally retarded?

Does not compute.

Does not.

This could have been hilarious movie, but it is not. It is crap.

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