Saturday Night Fever in Helsinki

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to show great things in Helsinki to four amazingly beautftiful girls as well as discuss my experiences from the world of male underwear modeling. Our day started with shopping session at Itäkeskus for our dinner, before jumping into Jenni’s luxurious new Mercedes and heading over to city center, more precisely to Kamppi.

( Almost accurate image of the vehicle we used )

As an appetizer we had reserved one hour bowling session at Kamppi Bowling & Bar , which is conveniently located at the Kamppi shopping center allowing busy materialists to combine shopping, boozing and quasi-sports into one single session! Kamppi Bowling & Bar proved to be quite a fun place with fully equipped bar. We chose to drink a sangria pitcher to enhance serious sports event – and as a true gentleman I did let ladies to win.

After the game we returned back to Puotila to prepare the dinner and enjoy some refreshments. Even though three course dinner at Puotila is not the same as it would be in Mecca – since we all had to pitch in and do our part preparing the courses, we had a blast and enjoyed every bit of it. Good food, good wine and great friends – hours just flew by, and as we listened music from Spotify atmosphere transformed more and more towards partying in the heart of Helsinki. After few bottles of Veuve Cliquot we felt unity with the world and were ready to start preparing ourselves for our attack to the town.

These ladies were phenomenally fast in their preparations for the night, I kid you not. It did not take more than three or four hours, and we were ready to go. But can’t complain, as we were not in a hurry by no means. Good music, white wine and laughing our asses off with stupid jokes is just the proper way to get the mood up for clubbing. We also had time to take some photos and glamour shots of the girls as they finished their makeups – so can’t complain.

First stop in the city was restaurant Ateljee bar at the 14 th floor of hotel Torni. One does not get bored to look at the views over the roofs of Helsinki City center, especially when you can share the moment with dazzling ladies and a bottle of champagne.


After Torni we headed out to the new night club in the city center, Tiger. Tiger was actually nothing really new, as it was just Lux 2.0 – a renovated version of the night club that closed it’s doors few weeks before. Almost everything was same: beautiful girls, pumped up jocks and gigolos, long VIP-queque, people greasing doormen with money and lots of people willing to spend hundreds of euros to entry to the club, drinks and what else a good night out desires. Dance floors were larger than before and DJs did their best to keep dancing crowds happy – and we were… kicking it old school!

Though Lu…Tiger is not the type of place we will frequent, the night was success and we were happy to retire back to Puotila in the morning: tired, sweaty, happy – and thinking about where to get strawberries for breakfast to accompany the next bottle of Veuve Cliquot.

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