New Suunto comfort heartrate bealt

My faithfull Suunto T6 has worked well for years, but the old heartrate belt has shown signs of fatigue and weakness – amon others losing the signal and not picking up the heartrate properly anymore. After checking out the prices for new heartrate belts online I decided to go for the new Suunto Comfort heartrate belt that was made out of fabric and was supposed to be more comfortable and better than the old one. My problems with the old traditional belt was that it wasn’t really that flexible, which meant that when ever I packed it into gymbag I was afraid that it would bend and get fractures or something similar. Most likely something like that had happened already, as the belt’s performance gradually went sour.

I purchased the new belt from Stockmann departmenstore in Itäkeskus, as it was one of those places that had them available in the store immediately and the price was same as in the webshops I looked at. More importantly they also occasionally provide good service at Stockmann, which was also the case this time. As the sales clerk was not sure which one of the two different models would work with the old – original T-6 – he opened them up, his colleague fetched water so that belt’s sensor’s could be moistened and tested whether they work. And as it usually is, the first one didn’t – but the second one did.

Today was the first day for the belt in real use. From the start I could really feel that Suunto Comfort actually hit right on the target with comfort. Where the old belt was something that you could not forget when you were wearing it, the new Suunto comfort is barely noticeable and really comfortable. Besides comfortability, it is also more convenient – as the transmitter is separate from the belt, transmitter’s battery should last longer than before when you remove the transmitter from the belt after excersise.

So very well spent 69 euros.

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