Kicking out the habit of drinking Pepsi-Max

I’ve been a horribly addicted or atleast had a bad habit of drinking Pepsi-Max a lot, even 1 to 3 liters on a day. It has been a habit that hasn’t really given anything for a long time for me. Possibly it has been a vehicle transferring cafeine into my body and given the extra jolt when feeling tired or stressed, but then again it might have been just a placebo effect based on some first time experiences and marketing. Who knowns. The habit has stuck and I’ve been drinking too much caffeinated cola drinks for years. 42 days should be quite enough. First week was ok, though there were two occasions on lunch where Coke Light and regular Coke were consumed – as those were the major drinks offered at the lunch place. So not quite clear start, though the intention is clear. Soft start to killing the soft drink habit.

Bye bye Pepsi-Max.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    At home, we don’t have any carbonated soft drinks. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, and mostly don’t drink tea. My favoured beverage is fruit teas (tisanes), e.g. raspberry, blackcurrant, etc.

    The net result is that I have almost zero tolerance for caffeine. If I have green tea after lunchtime, it’s enough to keep my up at night!


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