New Prisma opens in Itäkeskus

Prisma – S-group’s department store chain – opened finally in Itäkeskus, right next to the Itäkeskus shopping center and a hundred or so meters from Puotila metrostation. Having spent some time in huge crowds at the Prisma left me in awe – Prisma is really well laid out and planned department store for normal families doing their everyday shopping and even more. Aisles are wide, selections are huge and service is – atleast for now – better than in normal stores in Itäkeskus. Our family is definitely moving most of our basic shopping to Prisma and ditching our local Valintatalo that has been hugely expensive though conveniently located.

Big plusses:

– Veijo Votkin’s meat market ( Chef Wotkin’s )
– not so bad cheese selection
– all around nice prices in everyday items

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