Litmus – listening to pop classics composed as classical pieces

This was one of those accidents in iTunes. Just happened to stumble upon Litmus quartet’s interpretation of Joy Division’s Love will tear us apart – and as I felt tingling sensation on my skin — as I usually do when I find something interesting — I just had to purchase the album. It’s true that the whole album is not as solid as the cover of Joy Division’s classic, but somehow I could listen this one song in a loop for some time.

Oh, I’d be very keen to hear good suggestions for cello / strings music to listen to during workdays. Thanks to my friend Mikael, I’ve been listening to Mischa Maisky for some time – but could use some more ideas on how to fall deeper into the world of modern classical interpretations.

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  1. Sambodhi Prem sanoo:


    Check out our CD ’Cello Circles” – Improvised cello & acoustic guitar.

    best regards

    Sambodhi Prem


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