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Thanks to David Ing I finally created a FrienFeed account and noticed that it actually bridged the gap that I had had with numerous different services that had bits and pieces about me stored in them. Jaiku was the first aggregator for me, allowing me to point people to follow that feed for any updates. Jaiku witnessed silent death in the hands of Google and as I had to bite the bullet and adopt also Facebook Friendfeed provided an elegant solution. But more important than my own pompous ramblings is the fact that via friendfeed I can indeed keep myself updated more conveniently of what happens in the lives of my online friends and extremely smart colleagues like Lasse and Asmo.

The thing though that troubles me a bit with friendfeed – as well as aggregator services as or in general – is the potential trap of following only likeminded people, similar minds that share your views and values. As I and others have witnessed in, and in – each service will get their own cult and herd mentality that will hinder original dissident ideas faster than you can say ”poop on a stick”. But as long as one can recognize his/hers own tendencies, one can take action and get some creative friction by selecting selecting new sources of ideas and thoughts.

So… anyone know any conservative, vegetarian militants who despise usage of latest and greates gadgets and widgets?

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    The people on Friendfeed are interesting individuals. In my offline reader (FeedDemon), I’ve been following a wide group of bloggers, but was spending too much time in Facebook on trivia.

    I’ve now discovered that the digerati — particularly Silicon-Valley types, who know what they’re doing — are on Friendfeed. It’s less intrusive than Facebook — you really don’t have to feel like you have to have met somebody face-to-face — and very few people have their feeds locked up a private.

    Following through Friendfeed, I’ve generally found views to be more divergent … and provoking my thought. Friendfeed tends to raise the signal-to-noise ratio above that in Facebook … and thus the ”similar minds” I’ve been tracking all seem to have worthwhile things to say.


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