Hooked on watching poker

I was a bit unfortunate and hurt my back little at the gym and have had to now spend few days at home, resting in my bed. Being in small pain and being able to only lay down in couple of positions, only thing that I could do was to watch recordings from World Series of Poker – 2008.

I haven’t yet played any poker online – or any homegames or cash games anywhere – but been amazed about the entertainment value and adrenaline rushes that even just watching great game produces. Especially 2008 main event was amazing competition to watch with it’s ups and downs – never to mention huge field of players that originally started in the event eyes set on to the top prize of 9.1 million dollars.

On my todo-list is a section for reading couple of poker books that I already ordered from online bookstore, but I’m still hesitating to actually to start to play any real games online as I don’t want to commit too much time nor money to gambling — no matter how much fun playing and watching games could be. Those who really play the game seem to commit themselves really to the game and spend insane amounts of time and energy with it and schmucks like me would be just small fish to them online.

Could be that later on I might play a bit with a very limited stack, just for the fun of it and to enjoy more also following the game.

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