Christmas perspective

Having christmas vacation is great – especially when you can get out of your normal environment. This year – as it has been for the past three years – we went to North-Karelia, to beautifull Koli. Our trip started on friday morning having first a one day stop at Pyhtää and Kotka, before jumping into the car on saturday morning for a longer journey to Joensuu and onwards to Koli – which is about an hour away from Joensuu by car.

Having packed my laptop to my backpack, I seemed to have forgot to pack my recharger with everything else. Having only two and half hour of energy left in my MacBook meant a furious search for replacement, which is not as easy as it sounds outside Helsinki area. Luckily we spotted a suitable store in Lappeenranta and were able to make a small stop there before heading on. Spending about six hours in the backseat of a car is not that much fun, but atleast I had the great opportunity to see finnish landscape, trucklines that take tens of kilometers all the way to the Russian border and enjoy a good book ( Jimmy Lerner – you got nothing coming ).

From the perspective of someone who lives in the city – and has always lived in the city – the countryside looks … interesting. Distances are huge and between places there is absolutely nothing, except fields, lakes and forest. After spending week in Koli it felt natural or mandatory to jump into a car to get anywhere. Local shop was a five minute drive away, ski slopes were two minutes away, smaller city with shops and services twenty mintes away and larger city – Joensuu – an hour away. Nothing was close and everything had to be planned beforehand since you couldn’t just pop in to the convenience store. But then again, you had your space, sauna – and in peace with nature.

15 centimeters of snow and holiday spirit was definitely something that I needed, no questions asked about it.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    It’s not distances, it’s drive time!

    I was brought up in a town of 3000 people, and remember that the 20 minute walk across the whole town seems like a huge trek. Of course, that was when I was a child.


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