Tale of low expectations

SNL skit about the VP debate:


It was hard to watch the real debate and not to get angry. You thought that there would have been a moment when kid gloves would have been thrown off and Palin would have been put into a corner to answer for her words, but no.

It was clear that Biden came out of the debate as the better man, but spindoctors are still able to use the story as Sarah Palin was not uncovered. The format of the debate supported throwing in soundbites and not being accountable for your own words, logical fallacies or ’facts’.

Now watching Man of the Year, political comedy where true change comes through.

Isn’t it funny to have to watch satire and comedy for a better glipse of the reality and future.

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  1. Mikael Gueck sanoo:

    I watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to find out what’s happening up in the United States these days, since I just can’t stomach watching the absolute garbage that is the American media.


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