Lower taxes and less government, be afraid – very afraid

I don’t get it.

When ordinary republicans are interviewed either as soundbites in TV or in paper, they claim proudly to want lower taxes and less government and wanting to be independent – though at the same time they often come from states and/or places that require a lot of government support in different forms.

What breeds these people who are so filled with themselves that instead of thinking society and government as something that provides help, safety and support to all equally – they think that would be able to spend their money more wisely on their own, get a better deal on healthcare, education and other necessary services. I’m so sorry for everyday hardworking people who have fallen under the spell of republicans’ spiel that is no longer based on truth at all.

Idea of efficient markets is nice, but realities kick your teeth in when consolidations and economies of scale drive competition down. Cartells, monopolies and duopolies that control specific markets are not thinking of anyone else’s interests but their own. Sure big governments have their own burocracies and inefficiencies – but even still they sure beat the idea of totally commercialized and privatized government where basic services are made for profit, not for the good of the country and best for the people.


And what can you think of anyone who chooses as their running mate someone who is completely incapable of handling the potential job? How dare you do such a clear polical move that is aimed to feel folksy and homely, but scares the hell out of everyone who actually might think about her being in charge.


I mean I did laugh out loud previously when someone characterised neocons as evil people, but these days I have to believe it as a fact. If they are willing to play such a game openly in plain sight, what are they willing to do behind the scenes.

Looking at the game from the other side of the world makes me amazed. Amazed that there actually are people who would still be willing to vote for McCain and Palin. If they haven’t already seen enough corruption, stealing, death and injustice – then god help them.

Please. Do not fall asleep. Vote.

The world can’t afford four more years.

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