West Wing – Season 7

Best thing since sliced bread.

There are a lot of things that crash and burn before the plug gets finally pulled. The West Wing is not one of those things, but a monumental TV-series that lived a great life and finally came to a great end at season 7. There were good times, there were great times and at some seasons you thought that they had already lost the ball.

As my good friend said, they ran a burocracy simulator for too long, untill at season 7 finally got back to their roots and really pulled everything together – in a big way. I would have not watched the season at all if my friend Gumi would have not said that and pushed me to watch it. If I hadn’t had any work to do, I would have watched all the episodes in one seating – but now it took two days.

Great end to a great series. Going to miss it. And watch it again from the start. Atleast a couple of times.

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