Love and fear for Hibernate

There are times, when Hibernate can really blow your socks off – especially if you are creating business applications and are able to model everything very nicely as a hibernate domain model. And Hibernate has it’s own cool ecosystem around it – bridging for example Lucene and Hibernate together through Hibernate Search.

It has been a while since I last really used Hibernate, but for a new project I took a look at it again and actually decided that if I would use an ORM-solution, I would use Hibernate over JPA. But then again at that point of time was wondering about using php frontend and ORM solution did not make so much sense, as I wasn’t quite sure how the transfer of Hibernate object to php object and back again would work – and would it be worth the extra effor compared to Spring’s excellent jdbc dao support. However as the situation changed to include Spring also on views and controllers, I was back again thinking Hibernate as a viable addition to the architecture.

Then again I still have my fears for the complexity that it brings – or can bring.

Possibly I should stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

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