I saw the future – and the future was good!

Java platform is stronger and more potent than ever, and if you don’t believe – then .. well then you don’t have to. However you can pretty much agree with my statement if you take some time to try out my latest MustHave tools for any serious Java-programmer: JavaRebel and Yourkit profiler.

JavaRebel makes developing Java-applications so much fun again that there is a danger that you forget to go home from work. Being able to see your codechanges in real time and still have the robustness of Java-platform and code is a kickass combination that should make any php-programmer want to jump ship and start to do work with grown up tools.

I had my testdrive with Javarebel and it’s brand new Spring framework support – and couldn’t be much more happier. I was developing a Spring 2.5 MVC application with annotations, and with JavaRebel I was able to add, delete and modify my controllers, views and service code without any need to restart the server or redeploy the code. Never mind the timesavings and money, more important is that IT WAS FUN! Yes. It was fun to play around and do really quick tests.

Sure JavaRebel did not work at the very second that I wanted to show something to my friend, but few seconds later it had recognized the changes I had made and reloaded classes, seen the annotations in my beans and reloaded the beans. I was so happy with my experience that I just licenced 2 company licences and one personal licence for Javarebel. And as you are reading this, you should consider licencing it too. Personal licence is now available at meager 49 dollars for limited time, so go and grab one for yourself while the supplies last!

If you are not convinced, take it out for a testdrive and see for yourself. Check out the instructions for your appserver, deploy your app in exploded format, link directories ( for example classes and jsps ) to you Eclipse directories ( build, jsps ) and run Eclipse with Build Automaticly set on. It really works, and rocks! And did I say that it IS FUN…

Yourkit Profiler is an older friend of mine, but definitely is one of those tools that should have a steady place in anyones toolbox. Sure it is little more expensive, but then again it does pay itself back quite fast when you actually utilize it and spot nasty problems in your code leaving objects behind in memory – or actually realize what your code does ( in terms of running and memory usage ) for the first time while looking the visual output of YourKit. Netbeans’ profiler is nice and has some cool features like HeapWalker, but Yourkit’s overall usability and ease of use make it a clear winner in these races, especially as it is so easy to leave the instrumentation on in production systems and profile services as they run in real life. I have had a yourkit personal licence for older version for a long time, and now I purchased a licence for new version for the company as it is good practice to really test and profile applications whenever you can – before you need to or have to do it.

With JavaRebel, Yourkit alongside your faithfull Eclipse – there is no need not to be a proud java-developer and really enjoy programming with confidence. Both of these tools are really worth their price if you do professional Java development and get paid by the results you deliver. However even more important and beneficial these programs are to you if you purchase or manage java programming to your company, like I do.

Consultants that work in our project bill hundreds of euros for their work every single day and these tools allow us to get more value from their work, and like I said: they make development much more FUN.

So thank you guys, you really create great tools that helps us to work better on java-platform! Keep up the great work and continue to innovate.

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  1. Toomas Römer sanoo:

    Thank you for the kind words and keep having fun while programming, I know I’m doing it 🙂


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