CD records – From Miles Davis to Tuomo

Today was a special day.

Today was the first time in ages that I bought physical CD-records instead of purchasing music from iTunes. Apple’s strategy to turn itself into a mediacompany and distributor has been an amazing success – and really transformed atleast my habits of purchasing music.

Today was a special day.

As we were discussing music with Joseph Pelrine, he suggested that I would like Miles Davis’ collaboration with John McLaughlin on In a silent way-album. As these older jazz-records are something that don’t top charts at iTunes, I thought to look at the selection in local department store Stockman. Got my Miles Davis, but got also much more. As I got some records from the sale, cool clerk also asked whether I had heard anything about Tuomo. Tuomo is – unkown at that moment – Tuomo Prättälä, musician known his work in other groups like Quintessence, Qcontinuum and Emma Salokoski ensamble. I requested to listen to it a bit – and by the first sounds of the second song I was sold!

Tuomo – My thing is an amazing record with strong homage to singer songwriter music of 70’s – and will definitely make you dance to it’s groove. Haven’t really been so excited about any new artist like this and have to kick myself that I haven’t kept my thumb on the pulse of music scene, as Tuomo was a the hit thing already a year ago. Now I have some catching up to do, and I downloaded some of his previous stuff from iTunes. Groovy.

Yep. That is the word. Groovy.

Joseph purchased Helsinki Cooler collections that have a great collection of finnish hip music and are excellent lounge music for those lazy evenings and parties. Have to get copies for myself and introduce him also to the groovier side of finnish music. ( Though there are a song or two on those records also from Tuomo ).

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