Mobile Jabber clients for Symbian/S60 phones?

I’ve been a uge fan of Jabber for a long time, but been really struggling to find a decent mobile client to go with my phone. What I would really like to see is:

  • good usability
  • ability to connect to own jabber server
  • support for TLS
  • ability to capure images and send them to contacts

VoIP and other features like gateways to other IM-networks that many seem to offer are not that important for me.

So far I tested following clients:

Fring –

Has support for GTalk, but not generic XMPP-support. This seems to be a constant request on their forum, but no luck.

Bombus –

Bombus is open source Jabber-client from russia that is promising, but did not work so well for me when I tested it. Have to still keep an eye on it.

IM+ –

Commercial IM+ is otherwise really good piece of software, but it seems that there is not a way to join into groupchats on Jabber server. However ability to send images and record voice messages – as well as usage of other IM networks like MSN are a nice plus.

For 29 dollars this is a good option. Have to wait fr reply from technical team whether group chat features will be in the product in the future.

Gizmo5 –

Nokia’s Gizmo5 was a big disappointment. It seems to be a combination of VoIP and instant messaging, but the usability sucked golf balls trough the garden hose. Not the service for me.

Nimbuzz –

Similar service as many others, offeirng connectivity to numerous networks and voip-services. However I am not sure whether you can connect to your own servers – and whether it supports jabber groupchats. Seems that Nimbuzz has it’s own groupchats. Once again, not the service for me.

Talkonaut –

Promising client from russia that supports connecting private jabber-servers and seems to support groupchats. Did not try to connect to own Openfire-server, but read from the forums that it should work. Very promising option, though usability is not among the best.

Agile Messenger –

Most expensive client of the ones that I tested, one time fee of 44 dollars. But not possible to join in group discussions. Very good usability and in general a very solid product.

Instango –

Very cool client that can also connect to your own servers, if you purchase the pro version for 10 euros.

Seems that there is no way to join group discussions. I did put a feature request to their forums though, let’s see if they respond to it.

From these tests I’d say that IM+, Instango or Agile Messenger would be best options for me at the moment. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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7 vastausta artikkeliin: Mobile Jabber clients for Symbian/S60 phones?

  1. loeppel sanoo:

    does any of these tools/services support OTR? This is really important nowadays!


  2. gwin sanoo:

    Hey, how do you connect to a custom xmpp server using agile messenger? I have version 3.88, and it doesn’t seem possible. 😦

  3. Yoav sanoo:

    Lampiro worked for me on private jabber servers. Not sure about group chats though.

  4. Mike sanoo:

    You say in the heading ”What I would really like to see is:

    •good usability
    •ability to connect to own jabber server
    •support for TLS
    •ability to capure images and send them to contacts”

    But all you do throughout your article is complain and cut down services that dont support group chat, seems to me like you should have put that on your list of things you are looking for, or just titled the article ”Which clients support group chat” as that seem apparent the one feature you are looking for. If it is so important it should have been in your header list.

    • huima sanoo:

      Thanks Mike for the comment and you are right on that. However for me group chats have been an integrated part of using jabber from the day one, so most of the time when I see messenger that does not support that it is not interesting to me. This mindset is so ingrained in me that I didn’t even think of that before.

      When I tested these jabber clients I did not do a thorough test and comparison of all those features, but did stop the testing short if it seemed that it lacked needed features like ability to use groupchats and/or usability was so bad that normal user would not like or know how to use it.

      Anyway thanks for the comment, replies and comments help me to learn more.

  5. Mike sanoo:

    AFter readin my comment, I realized I kind of came off like a jerk. I did not mean that at all to sound like that. I had 50 things going on at once. My apologies if that comment sounds like I am a jerk. It does not look like I can remove it, so please accept my sincere appologies. Goog job on the blog and good article.

  6. Finnish looks nice :) sanoo:

    Talkonaut is completely useless. It works flawlessly for Google Talk (it have predefined profile), but:
    1) it allows only one account at once (gtalk OR another one)
    2) it can’t works with SSL servers (even if setup process promises to).

    I’ll rather try Slick 😉


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